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About CVS


Karl Rothacker


Phil Dolfi

It all started in 1972 when Karl Rothacker and Phil Dolfi were working together at an aluminum siding manufacturing facility in Willoughby, Ohio.  While there, they became great friends and through many discussions, they had a vision.  This vision was to begin a business endeavor to provide quality aluminum and vinyl products to the consumer based on honesty, great pricing and superior installation and service.

In 1973, they founded Custom Vinyl Systems (CVS) in Cleveland, Ohio.  Initially they began providing aluminum and vinyl siding to customers in their immediate area.  In keeping with their business model vision, their emphasis was on developing great communication with their customers on all home improvements projects they accomplished.  Over time, the quality products, workmanship and pricing they provided allowed their business to Qincrease in volume and service area.  Because of their very positive reputation, many customers requested other services to enhance their overall home comfort and appearance.

They embarked on a path beginning with research into the replacement window area of home modernization.  Working directly with manufacturers, they secured an option to purchase the then state-of-the-art replacement windows.  Because of their close relationship with both local and national window manufacturers, CVS was able to provide their customers with the best possible pricing structure available.  They also worked closely with the manufacturers to develop proper installation procedures to ensure that all manufacturer warranties remained viable to provide their customer base the security that CVS will stand behind all their products.

As time went on, both their home siding and replacement window services increased.  Product manufacturers began to take notice of the positive results that CVS achieved in the consumer home improvement realm.  So much so, that in 1991, DuPont selected CVS to be the FIRST company in the United States to distribute and install their fade free vinyl siding.  This was the initial accolade that CVS received on a national stage.  In 1997, Owens-Corning selected CVS to be one of the FIRST companies in the United States to market and install the solid fiberglass replacement window.  Their working relationship with Owens-Corning grew to a point where CVS was asked to develop their National Window Installation Program.  Owens-Corning used this CVS-developed procedure as their main training and execution plan for all of their window installation projects.

Over the years, CVS has established an impeccable service record with over 68,000 home improvement projects completed and along with that, some very satisfied customers.  For over eighteen (18) consecutive years, CVS was voted the “Best of the Best” by the customers they serve.

In 2000, Phil Dolfi moved to Ocala, Florida and started up the Florida extension of Custom Vinyl Systems.  CVS in Florida has expanded their home improvement product services to meet the Florida environment needs.  The CVS service area in Florida is centered mainly on The Villages – where Phil has resided since 2012 – but expands to another 50 mile radius which encompasses Mt. Dora and Leesburg to the south and east; Inverness and Hernando to the west;  and Ocala and Gainesville to the north.